Thhey have no life, they think they are tuff cuz they play football
John - omg he doesnt like me im gonna beat him up
by Fagot November 10, 2004
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A gay faggot who likes to take steamy hot showers with other men.
Jock1: Oh your bush is coming in nice!
Jock2: Wunna Touch?
by 15 Inch Dick January 22, 2005
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An athlete either in high school or middle school who dates other “popular girls” and abuses their power to bully others in submission
J: Bro that jock Scott started dating that hot girl Angela the other day and I heard he beat up a geek kid for not giving him his lunch money. Man what an asshole he is.
by Lil dopey September 2, 2019
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A dumbass who plays football all day, gets low grades, and who thinks he is a true athlete. After high school, he ends up as a cashier in Tesco, and cannot understand why he isn't playing for England in the world cup.

Other things:
-Only dates slutty girls
-Parents are rich idiots
-Eats loads but never gets fat.
Jock: Hey Mate. Wanna play some "footy" lad?
Normal person: No thanks..I'm quite busy...
Jock: I guess some people just can't play football...
Normal person: Keep your thoughts to yourself!
Jock: (In a Retarded tone) Awww! Are ywou cwying!?
Normal person: Ffs...
Jock:..............I only cry sweat........
by lololvoikoakek January 4, 2010
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A useless person who is only good at sport but dumb at everything else, usually buff and uses physical strength to bully and harass other highschool cliques such as nerds and geeks. Generally having poor grades
Example: Dylan Brown
doesn't have the mental capacity to expand their vocabulary

However, athletes are different from Jock's.
normal athletes aren't assholes (unless in the field (but a lot of them are chivalrous) while Jock's are cunts toward other people inside and outside the court or boxing ring, they aren't chivalrous at all, they don't have morals or ethics.

Jock: Usually only cares bout themselves and hang out with the hot chicks, they are usually confident but dumb.

Australian jock's can sometimes seem like junkies due to their similarities that there is a huge absence of (big boi words) in words and phrases in their vocabulary. However, some people can fit into both categories.but most junkies don't have a well-shaped physique due to the influence of drugs towards their bodies.

They usually say's words such as cunt, bro, Ooga Booga, yeah cunt, get fucked cunt, fight me brrooooww, what do you want cunt, ill head butt you I do sport and boxing whaddya want cunt, whaddya mean

(due to the lack of IQ some jocks may say this every few seconds)
Example: Dylan Brown.
Example 2: he's such a clique, jock
Example 3: Dylan Brown.
Example 4: Dylan Brown.
Example 5: Dylan Brown.
Example 6: "hey that jock is harassing him" "hey stop being an asshole and stop harassing the nerd"
by SovietSlavMan August 10, 2018
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A caddy. In golf, a person hired to carry a player's clubs, find the ball, etc. Outside of golf, a person who runs errands, does odd jobs, etc.

From the Bill Murray character (groundskeeper Carl Spackler) in the 1980 movie "Caddyshack", "So I jump ship in Hong Kong and make my way over to Tibet, and I get on as a looper at a course over in the Himalayas. A looper, you know, a caddy, a looper, a jock. So, I tell them I'm a pro jock, and who do you think they give me? The Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama. The flowing robes, the grace, bald... striking."
Since the intern was not busy, I paid him $20 to be my jock for the day. He picked up my dry cleaning, washed my car and filed all my reports.
by DC Devo April 22, 2009
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jocks are funny because they will mock a geek or anybody who doesn't participate in P.E., but then get their ass kicked first by the geek's verbal reaction which will usually insult their sexuality or imply their lack of a brain, and then secondly get their ass kicked by the hardcore metalist geeks.
a jock wears weird brand clothes even if they don't have anything to do with it... i skateboard and i don't wear element and adio clothes everywhere i go, jocks are poseurs that can't do anything worthwhile like going to LAN parties, and instead they play football and pat eachother on the ass whilst claiming they aren't homosexual.
i laugh my ass off when i footballers call me homosexual.... i'm not the one who plays a sport that includes physical contact with the same sex.

jock is also slang for underwear ^_^!
by windowmaker October 4, 2005
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