The law;
One who is superior in athletics;
The Supreme Being;
The One;
A studious and scholarly gentleman;
One who is above all in all aspects of life and death
Martial Frindethie
by Seargeant40 February 3, 2010
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Stupid ass skinny white boy who has no girl and always trying to slide into their DMs
by Ye7y May 29, 2019
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the quality of being martial. especially when describing a culture or nationality.
martialness is important in forging a strong unified nation and gaining strategic allies.
by L0union June 21, 2021
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An evolved form that a high functioning autistic person obtains when they are shown TMNT, Naruto, Kung Fu Panda, or Dragon Ball.
After learning the combat style of which ever cartoon/anime they were shown, they will immediately go and beat the shit out of all the school bullies.
Martial Autists are extremely deadly, armed or unarmed. You'll be much better off avoiding any fights with them
by Pokedex #184 February 4, 2020
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Someone who purposely uses their farts to annoy someone else.
JT likes to let his Don Fee build up lots of pressure, then he comes over to my cubicle and squeezes out his bean bomb real hard and fast, making a super loud & stinky fart. JT's a real martial fartist!
by NE1 May 19, 2006
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a court or a trial conducted in such court, where members of army of cunts are subjected to punishment if found guilty
Alice just got cunt-martialed for not being too cunty
by Jumbled McGobbledygook December 10, 2020
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A court martial (plural; "courts-martial") is a military court that determines punishments for members of the military subject to military law, and may also be used to try enemy POWs for war crimes. The Geneva Conventions requires that POWs who are on trial for war crimes are to be subject to the same procedures as would be the holding army's own soldiers.
court martial; Lieutenant Susan Schnall, a Navy Nurse, was court-martialed for marching in a peace demonstration while in uniform, and for drop ping antiwar leaflets from a plane on navy installations.
by Niraco April 25, 2006
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