Usually the biggest asshole(s) in your school. Most of the teachers adore them. They tend to not get into trouble for something that if you did, you'd be raped inside out. Jocks usually yell, make noise, hot ditsy girls usually go for them, cut in line and do just about everything else thats totally uncalled for. Jocks also push you around, but then their day comes when they played football and wrestled all their high school days, and I step out side, and my lawn is freshly mowed, and the same jock who was an asshole then, and still is, is putting his lawn mower back on his truck and telling me "Good Morning Sir".
Principal: "Your not a jock!!!! YOU ARE NOTHING!!!!"

Student: "Yes sir (sadly)...i'll only go to Yale and become very wealthy and have a great life."

Principal: "YOUR GOD DAMN RIGHT!!!! .......Now....I will molest you."

Student: "Noooo no I'll change.....I will....I wanna have gay locker room sex with the other football players!!!!"
by Crack Head August 11, 2007
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A guy who lives and breathes sports, loves "getting some" from the ladies, but cannot be commited to a relationship because sports are too important to them. They are usually ass holes who take things for granted. Things not dealing with sports can only hold their attention for 2 minutesie. sex
Jake has played baseball all his life and wants to go to the majors, anything not having to deal with Baseball is rubbish.
by Pam January 24, 2004
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A jock is an idiot. For some reason,jocks get all the chicks even though they are arrogant and well..complete idiots. They think life's a sport and having sex with the cheerleaders. However, they end being the biggest losers.
" That jock thinks he's the king of the world because he's popular, but he's gonna end up being a loser flipping burgers at McDonalds."

I'm not saying all jocks end up flipping burgers, but usually the arrogant ones( and there's a lot of them)are the ones who end up being losers.
by Eggy_Chuck5 May 26, 2005
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An arrogant dumbass who usually participates in football. He acts like he's "da tuffest thang on da block", and are usually popular. They own riced out Civics with Gullwing doors and a huge ass exhaust pipe, plus spinners. They consider themselves "gangstas" and "hardnuts". They usually listen to gangster rap and think they are black. For an example of a jock (though not exactly described in this definition), see Connor on the movie The New Guy.

And to the guy who said "omg dis word is used by goths anti-socialists punks bush supporters", shut the fuck up. Stop acting like a dumbass. Everyone knows goths/punks don't really envy the popular people.
Retarded jock:"Omg i love football, I hate rock because it aint gangsta, i love rap and everyone that isn't like me is a fucking geek omg omg omg omg omgomgomgomgomgomg"
by Blahb March 8, 2005
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A jock is someone who is very athletic and doesn't care about others. I don't recommend being a jock.

The jockyest names are : Andrew, Nate, Drew, Jonis, Harry, Allen
That man is such a jock.
Oh, don't be a jock.
by No one will probably see this January 31, 2020
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What makes up approx. 89% of my school, so I know what I'm talking about when I say Jocks are:

~OBSESSED! with sports

~The masculine version of a slut

~Think I like them (OMG!)

~Think nothing else in the world matters except for sports

~Likes picking up a ho or two on the street

~Usually (but not always) gets poor grades

~Hates all other social cliques (geeks, preps, punks, etc)
Teacher: Today we will learn about meiosis...
Me: I'm trying out for Cora in our school play Nightfallen!
Me: Let me guess, football?
Me: O_o
by Persephone~ June 4, 2009
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A teen guy in high school or secondary school, who is obsessed with keeping fit and his 6 pack in tone. The opposite of a nerd, who nerds often envy for getting most of the girls. Similar to spice boys, but not so fussed on the clothing.
Usually found playing sport and being in the football, soccer, rugby squad. Sterotypically always have girls with them whilst they show off their bodies often. Can be clever at schoolwork, or sometimes can be the one who doesnt pay attention and wants to go out and play some ball.
Can be found wearing blazers (especially USA) with team logos on and sponsors etc. Typically handsome young guys.
Nerd-"That damn jock just stole the ball off me again!"
Guy-"Maybe thats because hes twice as fast as you as hes in the relay team!?"
by daveman16 August 18, 2008
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