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a word used to describe a trio of brothers who use their melodic voices and supreme guitar-playing abilities to woo the females.
Did you catch the JoBros last night? / Totally. I love the Jonas Brothers!
by Ryleigh Lexson January 01, 2008
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A masturbation partner. Frequently used in personal ads to solicit a partner for mutual manual stimulation ("JO" being standard message-board shorthand for "jack off").
by swedish_culture June 16, 2010
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A term used to describe a friend of the protagonist in the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
Person 1: Speedwagon best JoBro!
Person 2: No way, Kakyoin is the best Jobro.
by HypnosSomnus August 19, 2018
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An act of a specific form of masturbation. It consists of a person laying on his (sometimes her) back and having his legs in the air, simultaneously defecating onto his own chest and/or face while masturbating and ejaculating into his own mouth. A difficult and largely unknown form of auto-erotica, the Jobro was first invented by the middle Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas.
"Oh dude, Joe Jonas invented a new way of masturbating, the Jobro, it's sick."

"Man, I was doing the Jobro last night, while my roommate Travis walked in on me, now he wants a different room."

"My boyfriend likes to Jobro, but I just can't see the romance in feces."
by Norki 21 February 01, 2010
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