An honest and pure street thug turned rich businessman who spent his whole life dedicated to a guy and his descendants just because he didn't kick him in the face as hard as he could have (though he may also have been in love with him)
Even Speedwagon is afraid!!!
by Varkarrus February 14, 2017
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Best waifu in the jojo universe. He has a dope hat and a multimillion dollar company.
Everyone: omg! Speedwagon-sama is so kawaii!!!!
by Deton8 July 9, 2019
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To gain confidence of another trying to encourage you.
Jojo I’ll speedwagon you until you achieve victory!”
by Joseph Joestar best April 2, 2019
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The best waifu in the entire universe. His cute and sexy ways make him the most irresistible waifu on earth. He is also very rich.
“Speedwagon is an exceptionally hot waifu.”
by kiroca909 July 22, 2019
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God. Literally the name of God and the waifu of every single anime universe there ever is, was and ever will be.
A very intellectual and holy person (totally not me): "Speedwagon is a blessing that us mere mortals have witnessed."
by RaiehanCuzREEE October 2, 2020
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number 1 best waifu in jojo universe ever with a spinning hat that he only uses once and has the ability to infuse his hat with Hamon
I like how W.A Zeppeli inherited Speedwagon/best waifu’s hat after his death
by ytayee December 15, 2020
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