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When a dog or cat has a dingleberry as a result of eating Christmas things such as tinsel or ribbon.
(Cat runs by with dingleberry hanging out)
Bob: Is that tinsel?
Joe: Yep, must be a Jingleberry.
by imaginarypoet December 21, 2009
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An adverting jingle that gets stuck in your head. An unwanted piece of music that it is harder to shake than a dingleberry stuck to your short hairs. A tune wedgie or earwig with commercial purposes.
What's that you are humming?

Oh man. I was watching football all weekend and now I got a Chevy Truck jingleberry. "It is OUR country...." Just shoot me.
by david Somers March 09, 2007
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A name for the fans/followers of the internet personality Jinclops.
Jeffrey joyfully jangles Jinclops's jingleberries.
by J1NCL0PS May 22, 2016
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The little ass shit berries that hang off of your rectum while you are taking a crap.
Last night I had a huge jingleberry that wouldn't come off while I was taking a shit
by homestepo November 12, 2014
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When a man is having sex with a woman with an excess of butthair, and he unloads his jizz into the butthair. After a short amount of time, the jizz hardens and forms jingleberries.
Girl 1: Man I had sex with this guy last night, and now my butthair is stuck together.

Girl 2: Did you check if you have Jingleberries?
by The Creek 31 February 09, 2011
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chunks of dried blood on a chicks pubes.
like dingle berries.
an insult to call a dude preferably.
you should always shave so you dont have jingle berries, nasty.
by groupie#1 January 15, 2007
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