your friend trying to spell woman
me: eyyy
friend: yeah those wemon was funny!!
me: woman*
friend: wemon**
by merry chrISTER December 5, 2018
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we are wemon of the 90's.
by callie September 19, 2003
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Demon women (plural or singular)
"FUCK that wemon, she's fucking nuts!"

"to hell with wemon"
by chosun November 8, 2011
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DEMON => WEMON. Should be fairly clear.
These wemon today are so arrogant, narcissistic, entitled, wicked.
by AnAmericanMan October 30, 2017
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Tom: “Claire do you like men or women?”
Claire: “Wemon.”
Tom: “What.”
by TeeSM May 11, 2021
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