Jibbler has many forms of use.

A person who has no knowledge that their existence on earth is a total waste. Also, a person who is completely inebriated or high to the point that they are most extremely obnoxious.

It can also be used to describe: a place (house, venue, store) that is full of the type of people listed above, or an object (car, chair, computer) that is in complete disrepair.

A normal person who, by choice, is momentarily wasting his or her time.

May be expressed in the past, present, or future tense.

May also be shortened to jib.
That guy at the flea market was a total jibbler.

His guitar sucks. It's all jibbled out.

Person A: What are you doing tonight"
Person B: Not much, probably just jibbling around the house.

He was such a jib!
by solidarity1982 September 26, 2010
Any bong you can attach a glass bowl pipe to smoke jib with
Wow he sucked on the jibbler so much he melted in to the couch
by rigamatorboy May 20, 2022
Jibbler, coming from the root word 'Jib' means any word you want it to mean. It is basically a substitute word for any kind of anything. It can also be used as an expression of emotion.
"Oh, Jibbler"
"Aww, Jib"
"You Jibbler"
"You have a little jibbler right there"
"Jibbler cake"
"Jib jib jib"
"You fucking jibbler"
by Brittany Sides April 4, 2008
A jibbler is the roll of jibbly flesh that rides below a women's belly button to her private zone. In extreme cases, see yodler.
One of those big women whose belly ends and then a giant fanny-pack shaped growth hangs below it, creating a jibbler.
by teebucky April 24, 2009
A toy with elastic strings that pulls your fingers back towards your palm. Primarily used to strengthen and prime the hand of your choosing for masturbation or pleasuring another.
Boy: Wow that feels great, you've been using those Bib Jibblers I got your last week.
Girl: Yea, they're great, I feel like I've been improving! Your boss Ron even said so!

Boy: Yeet.
by XnOmxnX June 4, 2017
A medical condition in which women with large, natural breasts exhibit wild and uncontrolled mammary motion while walking. Usually occurring when breasts are unbound by brazier.

See also: jubblin jibblers or jubblin jibbleronis
"The blonde in the tank top headed our way has a severe case of jubblin jibbleritis, we probably ought to see if she needs assistance."
by Andy Wolff June 30, 2013
The meaning of JIBBLERS is dumb or stupid it means like or shoot like oh jibblers I forgot my kids
Person 1:Oh no Janet I forgot my KIDS

Person 2: Oh jibblers that's not good
by New York? July 18, 2021