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Jibber jabber is Incoherent and unintelligible rapid speech often in slang or patois. Used in the UK as a disparaging name for other languages such as French, Spanish or American.
“It was all jibber jabber. Couldn’t understand a dam’ word the wretched feller was sayin’, Jeeves.”
“But, Milord, he was an American.”
by AKACroatalin June 04, 2015
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1. n. Incoherent or unintelligable speech; has it's origins from the word gibberish
2. adj. Word used to describe incoherent speech
3. v. To speak inchoherently
Bob: Did you understand what that theory meant?
Dave: No, I dont understand quantum mechanics, so it all sounded like jibber-jabber to me.
by Super Gerbil July 11, 2004
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A word made up by Mr. T.
Talking or speaking nonsense.
Shut up all the jibber-jabber, fool.
by Varnell Norman November 16, 2003
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What really irritates Mr. T.
Mr. T: Stop with all that jibber jabber and shine my gold chains.
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance May 03, 2004
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jibberjabber means verbal comotion, or talking in a way that annoys anyone present. and can be replied to with the phrase "quit your jibberjabber margo you fool"
"mandy poles arn't they great blah blah blah"
"quit your jibberjabber margo you fool"
by Margo Baggins August 12, 2008
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