Someone who speaks jibberish, a made-up language, or speaks a language poorly.
"She tried to speak Spanish but, she's just a Jibber."
"Quit speaking crazy talk, you Jibber."
by BritishWordsAreAwesome October 7, 2011
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A handjob, shorthand: Jib
Verb: To Jib
"Pleeeeeeeeease give me a jibber"
"She gave me a jibber last night, it was a real jibbly one"
by Jibblyjobblywonder September 1, 2019
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Did you get laid last night?
Nope, but I did get a jibber.
by Woodyinahoodie September 21, 2018
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Someone who lets you down at the last minute, like when going out on the beer.

As in "Chris Kell aint coming out for beers anymore, what a jibber"
by Danst January 28, 2009
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Quick ,impromptu hand job. Usually performed in a public setting with extreme discreetness.
bro1: bro how was your date with Taylor?

Bro2: bro, Bradly; you don't even know the best under the table jibber at Starbucks.

Bro1: radical!!
by Josered May 13, 2015
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Anything for which the name can't be called to mind. A substitute.
Hey mate, have you got the jibber I need to fix this jibber?
by Jazman63 February 18, 2010
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v. The act of sending an IM or instant chat to someone, as opposed to conveying information in an email, which would be 'emailing.' Etymology: Jibber Jab; Mr. T.
"I've just jibbered you the details, go over and look on your computer and let me know what you stink."

"OK - I'll jibber you from my phone when I'm at the restaurant."

"Don't bother emailing, just jibber me when you get back to your desk."

"You're flooding my chat window with IMs! Jibber me timbers!"
by Doomnation July 10, 2013
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