Someone who speaks jibberish, a made-up language, or speaks a language poorly.
"She tried to speak Spanish but, she's just a Jibber."
"Quit speaking crazy talk, you Jibber."
by BritishWordsAreAwesome October 7, 2011
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A handjob, shorthand: Jib
Verb: To Jib
"Pleeeeeeeeease give me a jibber"
"She gave me a jibber last night, it was a real jibbly one"
by Jibblyjobblywonder September 1, 2019
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Also known as ‘Owen Jibb’.

Child internet sensation. Speedo model. Absolute animal in the pool. King of the 400 IM. All-Star ladies man. Master of BBA. Chief of the Skokes. LEGEND in the sheets.
Bro I totally Jibbed that girl last night.

I fucking Jibbed that 400 IM yesterday.

The ladies call me a Jibber, that’s how long my dick is.
by Yo_Boi_Z October 13, 2023
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Someone who lets you down at the last minute, like when going out on the beer.

As in "Chris Kell aint coming out for beers anymore, what a jibber"
by Danst January 28, 2009
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Quick ,impromptu hand job. Usually performed in a public setting with extreme discreetness.
bro1: bro how was your date with Taylor?

Bro2: bro, Bradly; you don't even know the best under the table jibber at Starbucks.

Bro1: radical!!
by Josered May 13, 2015
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Did you get laid last night?
Nope, but I did get a jibber.
by Woodyinahoodie September 21, 2018
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The sexual act of sucking a fart out of your partner's ass with a straw, holding it in your mouth and proceeding to make out with fart juice being shared.
I gave Brandon a Jibber because he was wanting to try something new and was a little too scared to go for the barracuda launcher
by black magic rod July 11, 2008
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