An actual ray of sunshine. He will do anything to make you smile or laugh. It’s not hard for him to make someone feel better. But jhope is also part os the BIGGEST boy band out there. You guessed it, BTS. It us a delight to have jhope by yourside. Jhope loves to give kisses but doesn’t like being scared. Jhope can get scared easily and can be a bad scene to watch. Take care of jhope,or should I say this precious piece of sunshine.
by Jhopesunshine March 13, 2018
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a gOD Thats it, he's a ray of sunshine, squishy little mood maker. Show that cutie some love people. He is a proud member of a kpop group by the name of BTS. Go support them my peeps
Anti: eww! Kick jhope out of the group! He's ugly!
Me:...why don't i kick u all the way to where the Titanic sank?:)
by Dry tearzzzz ;) August 7, 2018
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Sunshine of bts and

He’s a dom fight me
Jhope is definitely a sub
Ha bitch no he a dom
by nσ fαcє July 18, 2018
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Jhope is a memeber if a korean k-pop group Bts. He is a ray of sunshine and always full of hope his cute eyes shine all the timeu and his little chubby face IS ADORABLE
Person: if you could meet either Jhope or your mom that lives so far away who would u choose?
by Bts_lover_ February 18, 2019
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The act of living as Jhope. This includes giving hope and inspiration to others, vibing to music and enjoying the sun.
What is Hobi doing today? He is Jhoping.
by venafleur March 30, 2021
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Whenever anyone praises Jimin and his dancing style, some little sevens love to insert the dance leader because of so called ot7 agenda.
Jimin is the best dancer, he is so captivating.

But Jhope is dance leader.
by Itssunsunday June 14, 2023
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This person is very talented and the luckiest person on the face of the earth. I know he is the first and I will choose to love him for life, this person is very intelligent and loving.
Jhope bts member rapper,main dancer
by Michiicute June 8, 2021
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