Ahhh shit.. I just got jew'd by that hooker.
by Kevin_Mills November 25, 2008
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Also spelled Jewed, it is the use of Jew as a Verb. It means that you got screwed/fucked over in some way.
"You got Jewed!"
"Man, my dealer jewed me!"
by billith February 16, 2005
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verb- getting cheated out of money, or being insulted by a jew without knowing that you were insulted.
1. wait a second! $2 and $3 dont add up to $10!!

2. rabi:come sit in the circle, its time to pray for our lives...
man: but i'm not jewish...
rabi: it's okay, nobodys perfect.
by the pizza. March 6, 2005
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when a bowl of marijuana has been turned to ash and nothing remains. this refers to the tendecy of hebrews being burned to ash.
FELIPE- yo jared hit that shit son nawmeen!!

JARED- nah son that shits been jew'd
by FELIPE April 16, 2005
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adjective, If something is "jew'd" it is stuffed-up, broken, in need of repair. Origins are uncertain but believed to have originated from Overnewton College in Melbourne, Australia
This computer is jew'd!
by Danny Dick March 21, 2005
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Also spelled jewed. In refrence to how the jews were treated before and during WWII by the Nazi regime. Indicates being treated terribly. Can also signify having being beaten at something horribly.
"Man I've neve seen someone play like that. You got Jewed by a n00b.
by Freefall January 14, 2005
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To have ones ideas or work stolen by an idiot and passed off as their own
Jennifer Lopez totally had her style Fat Jew'd by Beyoncé.
by Dukeofknickerbocker August 16, 2015
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