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A child who shares toys and other items only with great reluctance
That child is such a Jew Baby. She just will not share anything with her older brother and sister.
by poopsar_dude November 22, 2010
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a jew baby is someone who is easy to make fun of because they maybe slow or have some silly moments at times. others may say that they are stupid or they're having a blonde moment.
christina is such a jew baby!
by scammm May 05, 2008
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A person who tends to do a lot of drugs so they come off rather slow and when asked to do something such as walk or journey across town they will shudder at the mere thought of it. Many own toyota camrys.
"Hey Brandon wanna walk to swains!?"
"No way thats too far."
"Your such a jew baby."
by JoeStan January 14, 2009
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A baby born from jew parents; typically a money stealing demon
hey look at that jewbaby

yea he has a big nose, ow and he is already stealing money
by jewssucks July 27, 2009
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1)Mr Bavli is a Jew Baby,

2)Have you heard about The Goldsteins New jew Baby.

3) The jew baby has a decent future.
by micmack February 12, 2009
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Some one who is both being child-ish and tight with money at the same time
Just loan me the two dollars and quit complaining about it! you're being a jewbaby!
by c0al May 28, 2005
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Someone who you like/love/are attracted to and happen to be Jewish. You call them this when referring to them in conversation with others. Its' almost the same as call a 'spouse', 'boothang' baby but because they're jewish you have to add jew to the beginning.
"Awww, I love my little jewbaby Connor."
by hyphyyybitch July 27, 2009
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