A very thin joint rolled for the purpose of solo smoking, so as not to waste weed.
"I think I'm just going to roll a pincher and take a walk down to the river."
by Johnny Smoke May 7, 2006
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when you have your thumb and forefinger in a pinching position and you stick the thumb in the cunt and the finger in the anus and pinch away
hey treacle fancy a pincher
yeah why not
by willow69 September 27, 2007
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a woman or man that you'd get with in a pinch or if you were desperate
Katie is kind of a pincher.
by YoshiMilwaukkee July 25, 2008
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pincher means to be a bother and to be annoying and a pain.
Boy: *pinches you*
Boy: what does that even mean
You: it means you are annoying and a pain in the ass
by planet.x November 12, 2020
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A person who is a creep and doesn't leave people alone.
hey you wanna come cuddle" "ew what a pincher
by twintwime May 14, 2011
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when you pinch the top of your dick to avoid ejaculation, often holding it until a jizz rag or toilet is available.
yo i totally beat off in the car today.

howd you not make a mess?

i just used the pincher til i found some paper towels.
by The Assman January 24, 2008
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Is when a male is wearing shorts that are SOO short and tight that it pinches the dick and nut sack area. Opposite of "coochie cutters" as when a female wears "booty shorts" or tight tight shorts therefore cutting into the vagina area.
"Girl did you see his dick and nuts in those peter pinchers he's wearing"?

"Yes you could tell he was 2 inches soft and he shaves!"
by LizzzyWelcome December 10, 2009
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