Having a beer and a hug

"Bev" = Drink/Beer

Usually used after a disagreement or to make someone feel better.
Ok, lets move on. Lets meet up for a Beverly and we are all good.
by DevDyc June 25, 2022
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Beverly Noun
Beverly, or aka "Bev" Is loud girl who is a social butterfly. She loves her family and friends, and values both deeply. If you're Bev's friend she literally will love you forever. She's very loyal, and 'ill definitely pick up the phone if you need to link at 3am. But get on her bad side, she'll hate you for like 3 mins LOL. She loves streetwear, and music, and also cares about her education a lot. She can be very stubborn, and over think a lot of shit as well, even when she doesn't need too. She has a loud mouth, but thats her. Beverly, is Beverly.
"Hey Beverly! Wanna reach at the mall today?"
by Nick018264832047 August 3, 2016
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Nice, happy,sarcastic, moody, silly, good looking, charming, hard working, and successful
Beverly is a strong ,positive , and gifted person
by Jjbjr September 7, 2015
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The most beautiful, kind and caring person you will ever meet in your whole life. Always there for you no matter what. And will definitely make your life 1 million times better. Always willing to do anything and always opens your snapchat ASAP! NOW GO OUT THERE AND GET YOURSELF A GIRL LIKE BEVERLY!!!!
That Beverly is so beautiful and kind. I should ask her out but I hope she doesn’t slap me!!!
by Slappie Kid February 21, 2019
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A girl that is so so wonderful in every aspect. Might as well be a goddess.
by The great undone September 27, 2017
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The most grateful person in the world and best mother ever
Mom you are a Beverly
by Jackson k December 10, 2017
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She's usually quite beautiful, in a unique and stellar kind of way. You'll want to stare at her and try to figure her out, but she will laugh and look away. She loves books and art, and enjoys vintage music. She is the type of girl who is usually in a long term relationship and she loves her boyfriend with her whole heart. She is something special, and if you find a girl named Beverly you should do everything you can to keep her.
"Who is that girl? She's... amazing."
"Oh, that's Beverly. She's incredible but I swear she is gonna marry her boyfriend. She loves him."
by The guy that loved her August 24, 2012
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