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To be "forever dumped" by one's significant other, friend or partner, which basically means that the "dumpee" is cutoff by the "dumper" in every way, shape, or form.

Famous people who have been "Jetered" include Mariah Carey and Alex Rodriguez.
He got so Jetered, she is not even letting him go to her place to get back the clothes he left there.
by Marc J Cassata September 21, 2006
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to be cut off cold; excommunicated;

it's like having someone having put his/her hand in your face, only permanently.
"Jeter reportedly has never forgiven A-Rod for the disparaging remarks he made in Esquire in 2001, and as one Yankee official said, "There is no coming back from one of Derek's grudges. Once you're gone, you're gone."

(Alex) Rodriguez shouldn't feel that bad, really. Jeter apparently did the same to Mariah Carey a decade ago, cutting off their relationship so abruptly -- and remaining so determined not to let the singer back into his good graces -- that kids created the slang-verb "Jetered" to mean getting forever dumped."

Bob Klapisch, ESPN
by CBK October 18, 2006
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To be put in an unwanted and painful position.
As it was recently revealed that Derek Jeter has been known to enter the third input without notice or lubrication.
When someone gets hit in the face, "that guy just got jetered!"
by Ederscom January 04, 2010
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To give or get the herpes from a hot celebrity unknowingly as Derrick Jeter has given to many celebritie women .
I went to the doctor and I found out that I've been jetered (given the jeters).
by Williewiggles2004 May 15, 2016
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