Similar to spooning. However, the "little spoon" is larger than the "big spoon, thus giving off the image of a human jetpack.
Mark's girlfriend is like 6'2. I caught them jet packing in the common room watching the food network last night.
by The GodFader May 11, 2011
Something everyone could only wish s/he had, to get to and from work, school, shopping etc. and not have to deal with cars, buses, trains, ferries, etc. Basically a rucksack-like contraption that one straps on to the back and has canisters for fuel. Not aerodynamically efficient, makes a lot of noise, to say nothing of the fact that one would have to get a pilot's license to operate it, obey new laws restricting where and when to fly with it, and of course there are the price and fear factor one would have to deal with. Not a very good idea, when all is said and done!
I wish I had a jet pack, so I could get to work and back faster!
by pentozali December 13, 2010
the "backpacks" that use small ropes as straps, first made by Nike. also referred to as a "jetti"
hey, let me throw my keys in your jet pack
by 2Legit2Quit October 14, 2007
When one person carries another piggy-back, then runs past a group of victims yelling "JETPACK!". The person carried, the Jet-pack, releases a cloud of gas, similar to Crop dusting
Jet-packing: We were playing cards last night when Joe and Mary Jet-packed us, It was rancid!
by Qyark January 14, 2015
A jet pack is a really really annoying person who turns up to every social event and no one actually knows who invites them. They get lary after one can of lager and will shoot their mouth off to whoever is in close proximity, even to people they don't even know. A jet pack invariably supports Man Utd, and will defend to the death their god given right to brag about how successful their team is to anyone and everyone that they know on facebook, even though chances are they live in the London area and have probably never even been to see a game.
'Mate, I was trying to talk to this girl at the party last night but every time we were alone this guy kept coming over and screaming Man Utd chants in my face.'
'Oh yeah I know that guy, who keeps inviting him places? Classic jet pack!'
by crying monkey May 14, 2011
partaking of sex through a persons shoulder blades squished together to form a sort of half pipe shape while resting balls on the back of the neck.
My parents saw me lying face down and asked what the hell was going on. I told them i was jet packing
by B0rne May 26, 2008
A velociraptor with a jet-pack attached to it, with scissors.
normally used to kill everything in a room or open space, may be more dangerous than an a-bomb...if used properly.
no one knows where it was first invented, but there is a theory that it was created by the nazis while researching the effects of chlorine on kittens.
holy f***ing s*** its a velociraptor with jet-pack and scissors!