a man/teenager who has a beard that looks like one which jesus had. It gives the person an uncany resemblance to jesus himself.
"see last night when we were talking about Henri, her son was right behind you and i was trying to tell you to stop!"

"omg is that the guy who looks like jesus?!"


"he looks like jesus! he has a jesus beard !"
by bubblez119944 February 24, 2009
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The path of soft snow that has been freshly groomed on a ski/snowboard hill. It is so smooth it feels exactly like what Jesus' beard would feel like if it were a mountain.
Sam: What hill should we go down next?
Blake: Let's go down Four Pipe, I just saw a new patch of Jesus Beard.
by TheSwineFlew December 23, 2011
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When your trabagging your girl and accidentally shart
I was tea bagging my girl the other night and accidentally sharted on her face. She look like the bearded jesus
by Tweeter23 October 5, 2018
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