The main character in the fiction story "The Bible". Portrayed by Jim Caviezel in the movie version.
Person 1- Dude, I just read The Bible. That Jesus Christ guy was kick ass. If only that was real...
Christian Asshole- It was real, he died for all of our sins.
Person 1- I bet you expect me to believe he turned water into wine too and healed people by 'miracles'. You're such a joker :D
(Christian Asshole walks away to go to church like a bitch instead of watching the Ravens vs Steelers)
by Joe Balls69 June 27, 2011
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a slang term refering to a man who died about 2000 years ago. Translation: Josh of Nazarath. many people pretend to "love" him. they say "he lives in the sky and is looking down at me!". these gullible people are then taken advantage of.
political leader: I pray every day! and you know what Jesus Christ tells me to do? Just a little invasion, just a little killing, but in the name of LOVE and JESUS and a BETTER FUTURE!! I know you have to fight your heart to believe this, but that's what religion's all about! PRAISE!

silly followers: Beloved Leader! He is correct! i mean, whats wrong with killing? in the bible, people justified their hate all the time by saying "God told me to smite you". Vengefull, that God of ours!!! But in a loving way.
by Daniel Payne April 01, 2005
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1. A word used to express anger. Avoid saying this in front of Jesus Freaks, it will upset them.

2. Some guy stated in the Bible. He supposedly died on a cross and died for our sins. Now he's gonna save us all or something like that. Of course we all know this is absolutely retarded, after all, the only reference is a really big book.
1. Jesus Christ, why the hell is my wife doing another man in my bed??

2. All the Bible is, is a big book, ok?? Who wrote the book? God? Ok. Yeah. God wrote the Bible and then came down to earth and gave it to some guy so he could show it to everyone. YEAH RIGHT. You know what really happened? Some guy wrote all this bull so that he could make some money.

And how come even in the Bible, men have all the power? I though "Jesus" believed in equality for everyone!! Wtf?

Tell you what, when Jesus "Saves" you, I want you to come down here with him and show me. THEN I'll believe it. Thank you.
by XxXI.AM.NOT.AN.AETHEISTXxX April 04, 2009
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Totally innocent and yet was brutally murdered for speaking the truth.Kind of like how the truth is murdered here by all those who don't like to hear it.
Jesus Christ is the only truth there is.

All other teachings are Satanic,period.

Jesus was killed for simply speaking the truth.
by The truth shall set you free! February 19, 2005
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Jesus Christ is an imaginary person. He is also the main character of God's best-selling fictional book "The Bible".

Unfortunately, many cult members beleive Jesus Christ to be alive today, even though that would make him 2009 years old. Many cult members also beleive that Jesus Christ has magical powers; including, telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis, among others.
person A : "Hey! I read this great book the other day! In it, some guy called Jesus Christ did all this crazy stuff! He can read my prayers and teleport!"

Person B : "Do you realise that Jesus Christ is a fictional person, and can't actually do all of the things he says he can?"
by Jonathon Harker April 01, 2009
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The "ONLY" truth.................
Everything that is not the truth is untruth.

It's a mathematical equation so simple that even a baby could solve it.
by Jesus is my lord and saviour! January 21, 2005
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