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A vessel, typically made of stone, occasionally of hammered bronze, used to capture male ejaculate. Cumbuckets are commonly found in Mesopotamia, or present-day Iraq.

Thousands of years ago men would gather round communal combuckets and engage in a circle jerk as part of a religious ceremony. Once a bucket was filled with male ejaculate a female virgin would be drowned in it, and then consumed in a celebratory feast.

This practice has begun to fade in recent years, and cumbuckets have all but disappeared outside of college fraternities.
1. The Smithsonian has a new display of cumbuckets recently unearthed in Iraq.

2. I got gay drunk at a frat party and circle jerked into a cumbucket.
by BennyC November 30, 2006
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A magical land comprised of interconnecting tubes clogged with pr0nz. It has become a common misnomer to associate teh internets with big trucks. This is false.
I found a video of my mom sucking poop out of a dead cow's ass on teh internets. It gave me a chubby.
by BennyC November 30, 2006
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The cool way to spell grammar. If you like wearing your hat backwards with a XXXXL hoody draped over your lanky 125lbs. frame while smoking dope like a stonecold gangstah (by extention supporting REAL gangsters who are laughing their asses off at you), this is how you spell it
Yo dawg, you needs ta lurn you sum grammers, SON, fo' I plug you wit' mah fo' fo'.
by BennyC November 30, 2006
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A raving madman whose martyrdom brought forth Christianity, a deranged death cult, which, horrifically, is still observed in Western civilization to this day.
Pray to Jesus Christ for salvation or you will die and descend to the bowels of hell where you will be engulfed in eternal hellfire and tortured by demons!
by BennyC May 26, 2007
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Slang for a .44 magnum, a device designed so that castrati can know what it feels like to have balls.
Thug Wannabe: Ima plug yo' ass wit' a fo' fo', beeeotch. Cuz I don't gots the balls to fight you wit' my fists, young.

Unassuming Business Man: *Grabs wannabe thug, knees him in the stomach, hurls him to the pavement, then curbs his ass, takes his cash, and poops on his chest*
by BennyC November 30, 2006
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When straight guys go to a party and get so drunk they turn gay.
1. Fuck! I woke up naked on a pool table with a beer bottle up my ass and dried jizz all over my body. I must have gotten gay drunk again last night.

2. Bob: Dude, I saw you on Boiz Gone Wild. You're a faggot.

Andy: Okay, first, I was gay drunk, so it's okay. Second, WTF were you watching Boiz Gone Wild for!?

Bob: ... you're gay.
by BennyC November 28, 2006
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