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In Southampton, England culture; a renowned cocktail from the nightclub Jesters, that makes everyone around you beautiful and your best friend. One can enjoy the pleasures of a Jesticle more than once as well, given that with excessive consumption (the way one should go about drinking these), you can reproduce your own pink concoction in the toilets!

A Jesticle also consitutes all 5 of your 5 a day - the vodka gives you potatoes, the Malibu coconutes, lemon from the lemonade, orange from the orange juice, and blackcurrant from the cordial. Voila!
Daymn girl, you look fine, let me get you a Jesticle!
by JStarz December 18, 2009
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1.) To jest with one's testicles. (aka-tease the female)
2.) The Jewish bean often found sprouting behind one's testicle flaps.
3.) A sport in which two men joust with their ball bags supported by two gyrating metal springs. (aka - jut busting)
1.) Damn guuurl, Mark was totally using his jesticles against me last night.
2.) Omg, he was growing the largest jesticles you've ever seen.
3.) The Ferret Warriors testicles exploded upon contact with the Anal Defender in the latest jesticle match.
by Anothony and David December 29, 2005
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