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Derogatory slang for a horrendously ugly military style haircut similar to a high and tight. When all the hair on the head is shaved except for the minimal standard amount on top of the head, roughly four fingers in width. Resembling a rolled up dead ferret on top of the head. The term originated at Utah State University and is rumored to have first been coined by Tyler Worsley.
Ex: John: I just got a new haircut, girls have been checking me out all day!

David: Whoa John, The Ferret is not a good look for anyone, shake that dead mammal of your head.

Ex: James: I've been thinking about having my barber give me The Ferret.

Michael: What a terrible idea...
by T. Dub! November 15, 2011
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The act of sticking your penis in a sock (of any style) and performing intercourse.
I just gave that bitch "The Ferret", and now everytime I grab her hair I get fuckin' shocked!
by the ferret creator December 07, 2011
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-Amanda Farrel
-a social outcast who has absolutely no friends
-a person you hate more than anybody and wish would die
Look at the ferret, she's such a loser.
by D6 February 19, 2005
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