Derogatory slang for a horrendously ugly military style haircut similar to a high and tight. When all the hair on the head is shaved except for the minimal standard amount on top of the head, roughly four fingers in width. Resembling a rolled up dead ferret on top of the head. The term originated at Utah State University and is rumored to have first been coined by Tyler Worsley.
Ex: John: I just got a new haircut, girls have been checking me out all day!

David: Whoa John, The Ferret is not a good look for anyone, shake that dead mammal of your head.

Ex: James: I've been thinking about having my barber give me The Ferret.

Michael: What a terrible idea...
by T. Dub! November 16, 2011
The act of sticking your penis in a sock (of any style) and performing intercourse.
I just gave that bitch "The Ferret", and now everytime I grab her hair I get fuckin' shocked!
by the ferret creator December 8, 2011
Clearly a cat-snake.
Person 1: Awe look at the cat-snake
Person 2: It's a ferret dumb ass!
by Skittles_Willams September 22, 2016
The most desirable of any domesticated animal.
My ferret Slinky ran away, so I shot myself.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
A small lovable animal of the marmot family, which has a slinky for a spine, and a thieves way of finding all of your loot and distributing it back in there own hiding places.
"Honey, have you seen where the ferret hid my keys?"
by Gueethepagan May 4, 2005
The religion of the one true saviour, Dobby. Ferretism shall be celebrated on Fur-idays with the worship of holey socks.
Ferretism is a new world religion
by WildChild 06 November 8, 2017