iconic oval shaped glasses that were worn by Kurt Cobain in the 90s and are now worn by mumble rappers and meme gods.
ayeee do you know where i can buy some checkered clout goggles?
by SkrrtSkrrt666 July 16, 2019
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a pair of iconic white (SOMETIMES ANOTHER COLOR)and oval sunglasses. the maker of these mumble rapper glasses was curt kobain. oh geez IS IT DANK BOI
by HJWJKM8M8 October 24, 2017
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the coolest people own them! addictive and FUCKING AWSOME!!
Have you seen Caitlin’s clout goggles today? She’s got fucking yellow ones now! No wonder she has no money to go anywhere! She spends it all on her gOgGlEs!!!
by skkkkrrrttttherronseavey April 3, 2019
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A pair of iconic glasses that should be treasured and only worn by the best of people.
Keep your clout goggles away from Omar at all costs.
by 101dalamations April 27, 2018
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White, oval shaped glasses that rich white kids wear when their drunk and are trying to act like they are hot shit.
Look Ava is wasted and wearing her clout goggles. Typical.
by Clout4dayzz July 17, 2018
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There sunglasses they make you feel like Elton John. Says lil phag
Got a hundred on my own wit my clout goggles bitch I feel like Elton John
by Duhitzzjordin November 21, 2018
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