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Jess’ are usually tall and brown haired and hate when people add an ‘s’ after the apostrophe when writing their names as a plural. They aren’t funny but somehow make you laugh more than anyone. They give pretty decent advice too. If you ever need to rant, grab a jess. Best. Gossiper. Ever. She’ll go on and on and on about how some bitch accidentally touched her hair. Jess’ are extra as hell. They love presents but giving presents is the most exciting thing for them. And being trendy. They often doubt their appearance and question their personality but everyone loves them really. So if you don’t know a jess, find one real quick. A 20 piece chicken nugget box from McDonald’s is the key to her heart.
Girl 1: Woahhhh that girl has clout goggles.

Girl 2: Yeah dude. She’s a real jess.
by Happy_Birthday_Jess May 16, 2018

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