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While Jerge can have many meanings, it usually refers to someone who inconveniences others. It can also be used to describe a rude or inconsiderate person. The perfect word to replace an insult when you forget your adjectives.
Person 1: "Did you hear about Stacy's mom?"
Person 2: "Yeah, she wouldn't let her go out last night."
Person 1: "She's such a Jerge, it was Prom Night!"

(In front of a teacher at school)
Dude 1: "Hey do you want to hang out tomorrow?"
Jerge: "Yeah sure I've got lots of Weed! "
Dude 1: (shakes head, walks away)
by The Sloth King December 09, 2010
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Jerges is the sweetest person you will ever meet. Jerges are very smart but they don't see it because they're different and always think outside of the box. He has a beautiful heart and the deepest brown eyes you will ever see. Jerges is a great lover and very attentive to his partners needs. Jerges are also very funny and caring and will give you anything they have just to see a smile on your face. They're strong and passionate and don't like to finish books. Jerges dream big and have bright futures ahead of them. Also Jerges smell delicious and have the power of wiping away all your pain with a big hug. Also, Jerges have beautiful smiles and a laugh that will make you laugh no matter your mood.
Damn!!! The girl has a Jerges... I've been looking for one forever...
by Go DJ June 25, 2010
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An alcoholic judge who loves beer..and beer and beer
My jerge just set me free for a 40oz of ol E!
by Bucknutty October 15, 2018
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