A pretty cool guy. He doesn't take shit from people who think they are better then him.
Dang bro Jeramy is being a savage
by Yaboi123456789 January 15, 2017
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Yes, you are seeing it spelled correctly! NOT SPELLED, "J-E-R-E-M-Y"! A man of great knowledge and skill. A Jeramy is always talented and gifted in the arts, sports, and sex. Jeramy's excell and are the best at everything they do or put their mind to. Usually a Jeramy is of the African-American race, giving it the gift of being well endowed. The average penis size of a Jeramy is 7.69 inches (flaccid). Many women are afraid of a Jeramy's penis because of it's great length, size, and girth. Jeramy's usually have many lovers. People flock to Jeramy's because of their outgoingness and hilarious jokes. They can make lots of people laugh, especially when they are sad. Becoming friends with a Jeramy will make a person's coolness meter go up by exactly 703,695,690,967.70596 points. Many people say that meeting a Jeramy insures a perfect ending to a life, and can end the cycle of reincarnation in the Hindu religion, due to the Jeramy's magnificent power.
"Who is the Valedictorian this year? Oh, it's Jeramy! Of course! He's really smart!"

"Damn that guy is really talented! Hell yeah! It's Jeramy! We played naked soccer! His giant dick was flopping everywhere! Then he painted me a picture of himself nude, then he played me a song on his guitar! Wow! Yea! Then we had Sex! It was the best sex I have ever had!"

"That guys cock is huge! Who is that? Oh, it's Jeramy!"

"Why won't my cycle of reincarnation end already! I tried everything! Karma's a bitch! Did you meet that guy over there? Who, Jeramy? Yeah! (walks over to Jeramy) Hey, Jeramy! What's up, guy I have never met? (guy suddenly dies and is greeted in heaven with 72 virgins)
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One of the best humans in the world. THEY ARE VERY SENSITIVE, but that’s just one negative thing compared to a million other positives. they are often happiest when people they care about are happy. they have big goals in life, that involves a lot of education and family oriented goals. they are smart, even if they don’t see it themselves.

to my bestfriend, because he is the best person in the world.
jeramie makes me so happy :)
by alex5290 June 3, 2018
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A cool ass person who's coolness is only beaten by their ballin ass personality. Sometimes referred to as cocky but likes to think of himself as confident. Can be a dick when angered. Musically inclined and very cute.
Hey did you see jeramie punch that dude in the locker room?

Hey dude jeramie is so good at snare drum
I cant believe jeramie and danielle still go out
by A girlwholikes to have fun February 27, 2009
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The best brother in the world, cooler than ice, and nicer than anyone else on the planet!!!
Jerami is one sick nasty dude
by LilBit29 June 27, 2010
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Horribly misspelled version of Jeremy that makes people who are named Jeremy have to spell it out for everyone.
"That's J-E-R-E-M-Y?" "Naw, my ma was stupid, so it's Jeramy J-E-R-A-M-Y" "Ouch, that sucks" "I know."
by Rihl February 5, 2010
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A complete fagot asshole from the west coast. They are known to be such assholes that they have no friends, and are usually kind of hippie. No one really likes them because they are such douche bag.
"Dude theres this one Jeramie at my school, hes such a dam asshole."
by Steve broflovski January 12, 2008
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