a really dumb idiotic guy who wished he had a girlfriend, his mum beats him with a stick everyday and his dad is gay and he is too
wow have u seen jenson don't go near him
by rydabike November 03, 2019
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The coolest guy in the whole world. When Jenson walks in the club his dick becomes a magnet to all of the girls. There is always someone on his dick.
I wish I could be jenson girls literally fly towards his dick
by Ltlitty November 23, 2019
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Jenson is a very nice boy who loves to chat with friends and he is very kind. Jenson helps you through everything and is alway there when you need him. Never hurt jenson because he can be sensitive sometimes. he is cute and good looking and catches all of the girls!
Jenson is very cute. dont you think?
by reanneeee February 01, 2021
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If your a jenson,
I’m sorry
A Jenson is a massive loser who is completely manipulative and oblivious to pretty much anything around them. They are determined to be an β€œβ€˜ard lad”. A Jenson is a nice guy until they do a sport like boxing because then they will become a massive tool and think there better then anyone else.
Guy1 - hey who’s that guy over there
Guy2 - oh that’s Jenson

Guy2 - what a loser
by Ben1071 November 04, 2018
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lanky guy with no money has no hopes in life and cant play pool fancy millie & ana marie at the same time he has a 2 inch penis
jenson is crap at pool
by bugfsdd\vsbq 2 3 April 26, 2019
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Soooo sexy he will turn you on so much he will make your pussy go wet and soft at the same time.he is the most handsome man and picks up all the chicks
Always be a Jenson
The guy you smashed yesterday was a Jenson

He licked my pussy and it felt so good
by A VERY hot guy July 17, 2020
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