Jenson is kind and funny but sometimes he can get out of hand. he might get in trouble a lot, he is not the best looking but I'm sure when he hits puberty he will look better.
Jenson not cute
by Lola123 November 05, 2019
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A not so light 15-year-old teenager who has a dark skin colour usually found in Malaysia usually used as a word of profanity and disrespect
This man is a JENSON
by Ketchupfaggot666 August 26, 2019
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A massive loser who cries because they don’t get It their way . Manipulate people all the time and use them for shit . Spoilt and spends most his time on the x box . He thinks he can be a ard lad with all he’s designer but truly ain’t , boxing and wrestling might be a passion but sucks at it . Gets into an argument with someone most likely the same person every least 3-5 business days Thinks he can talk and own a girl but talks to others to get it his way . Must feel really bad for his mate always constantly having to cope with him .
Jenson get off the x box

Jenson you owe me money

Jenson stop airing

Jenson I’m pissed off at you

Jenson fuck off
by Sob wanka December 26, 2019
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