A young hot white spunky hilarious foul mouthed youtube comedian and blogger. Her videos leave millions sitting in front of their computers laughing their sanity away. She's just that funny!
Did you see that new Jenna Marbles video on how to tell your future by your panties?
by rwnztrnr August 13, 2011
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popular youtube comedian, username is JennaMarbles. Real name is Jenna Mourney. She's a sexy bitch who's gotta great sense of humor. Millions of people watch her videos, because they're just that hilarious. She loves her two dogs, Marbles and Kermit. She's also got big tits.
"Damn, did you see Jenna Marbles new video last Wednesday?"
"Yeah, she's fucking hilarious!"
by sexual person January 31, 2012
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A famous youtuber with loads of subscribers. Her videos are for humor. She typically puts on new videos every Wednesday or Thursday. She is stage named after her dog Mr. Marbles. She also has a dog named Kermit. Her real name is Jenna Mourey. In her video "Drunk Christmas Tree decorating". She tells her 4 year boyfriend, Max Weisz ( Youtube name maxnosleeves ), had broken up and remained friends. She lives in Santa Monica, California in an apartment.


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Person 1. Did you see that new Jenna Marbles video yesterday, "Pipe the fuck down"?

Person 2. Yeah, of course. She's hilarious, not too mention incredibly sexy.
by puggle726 January 18, 2013
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A super cool YouTuber who speaks her mind and has experimental hair. Interesting facts:
1 she shaved her eyebrows

2 she has 2 dogs
3 she has amazing rant videos
I luv Jenna Marbles' videos
by TheDictionaryGurl November 5, 2016
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the funniest bitch on the internet. shes hilarious and has two dogs kermit and mr. marbles! Jenna has amazayn hair and i am really jealous of how pretty she is. look up landshark by jennamarbles on youtube and u will die in laughter! shes fabulouis and is a fan of boston sports teams such as the pats, celts, and bruins! they are wicked awesome!!!!!! but seriously look up jenna marbles on youtube
*le landshark

Jenna Marbles: Sometimes when your really awkward, you do awkward things. so i'm gonna tell you what ive been doing lately. Ive been TURNING EVERYTHING INTO A LANDSHARK!.....

....apple: landshark, hamster: landshark, christian bale is a landshark! the guy from aincient aliens, is a landshark! this is a sandshark, now its a landshark! the eiffel tower is a landmark, now its a landshark!......
by ikindasortalikeyou February 15, 2013
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Satan, according to Jacksfilms and all his viewers. even though the majority of YIAY fans might not have even seen a Jenna Marbles video in their lives.
YIAY viewer: *Sends Jack a picture of Jenna*
Jack: Oh, how did Satan get in here? No place for Jenna Marbles, right Klondike?
Klondike: *Confused, she just licks Jack's face hoping to make him happy even though not even dogs can heal souls as dead as his*
by _Andromeda October 22, 2018
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A YouTuber who thinks she's funny.
Person 1: Have you seen the new Jenna Marbles video?

Person 2: Yeah it wasn't funny.
by saladpal March 29, 2019
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