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A self-proclaimed "renowned authority on the propulsion and displacement of spheroids" (the game of marbles), Mr. Marbles wrote a book about the topic in 1979 entitled "Mr. Marbles' Marbles for Everyone." Likely schizophrenic, his real name is Otis Eugene Ray, better known as Gene Ray, and today he is famous as the creator of, a notoriously incoherent pseudoscientific website.
Mr. Marbles has lost all his marbles.
by Megaritz March 20, 2011
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The sight of an old man shoving his nuts in a tight pair of jeans. In essence his crotch looks like a sack of marbles.
Look at them tight ass pants, he looks like he is smuggling marbles.
That's mr. Marbles!
by Caz-Man April 12, 2007
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A term used to describe a male who sits in such a way to shove his nuts into a small space resembling a sack of marbles.
I wish Mr. Marbles would stop sitting like that. You can see his marbles plain as day!
by Darick April 09, 2007
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