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any white female who tends to prefer the company of arab males.
Hey, did you get a load of the sandshark thats been dating that greasy cameljockey.Thats sick.
by c.j. not cameljockey May 27, 2006
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after busting during intercourse, rubbing your penis in sand and pushing it back into the girls pussy
i just sandsharked my teacher on the beach
by Jack----- February 20, 2005
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When playing volleyball, the act of charging the net for a monster spike when set perfectly by your teammate, then a shooting pain enters you legs, you cease to move, immediately falling to the sand in pain, while the perfect set slowly floats right past you, causing you to cede a point to the opposing team.
I went up to spike that shit but a fucking sandshark caught my leg
by Aceholes Live! July 31, 2017
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