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i) The word "white", but in German.
ii) Common Jewish name.
iii) A young boy with extreme difficulty resisting money.
iv) A type of person who enjoys feasting on furniture.
v) An untrustworthy Jew.
vi) Someone who bullshits about having a black cousin, even though it is known fact that it isn't possible.
vii) An adolescent who posses the ability to seduce younger girls.
viii) Popular female actress.
"i) "Ich w√ľnschte, ich war Weisz, doch leider bin ich ein Jude."

ii)"I heard there's a new kid on the block, he's a typical Weisz."

iii) "Wtf? I left my wallet on that table, where did it go?"
"You KNOW it was Weisz"
"FUCK Weisz"

iv) "The fuck is there a hole in my desk"

v) "Hey Weisz, mind putting this cash in the bank for me, I have to go take care of something for a bit"
"Oh no I know, that should be fine, no problem"
"Thanks man"

-Hours later-

"Weisz what the fuck, why does it not say there was any money deposited today in my account?"
"who cares, check out my new dradle"
"...I'm heartbroken"

vi) Weisz:"Hey don't say nigger, my cousin's black"
"... you're jewish"

vii) "I fucked a petra the other day"
"fuck off Weisz, that's my sister"
"doesn't count if she's alseep/doesn't understand"

viii) "Rachel Weisz is pretty hot"
"yea probly, Weisz"
by MerchantOfTruth February 12, 2011
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A huge hunk of a man. You think your better? Your wrong? Chuck Norris is scared of Mr. Weisz.
That dude just totally got his ass kicked.

Yeah he Weiszed him.
by Dsatt317 March 29, 2011
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