A sexual act where both partners have intercourse whilst each standing on one leg similar to a flamingo.
Me and my girl pulled a Jenisa last night. It was so hot.
by Toxic Marshmellow December 9, 2010
A kind of sandwich filled with cheese whiz and slices of pickles. One of the favourite snacks of leprechauns.
I set up a Jenisa in that cage there, as soon as a leprechaun walks in it I've practically got a pot of gold.
by Toxic Marshmellow December 16, 2010
Thinks they’re cool but they’re rlly not XD. Probably wears a lotta lip gloss and is short, likely a thot and has at least 1 boyfriend. It’s a code name when you don’t wanna offend anyone so you can talk trash about them.
Hey, you see that Jenisa over there? What a thot.
by mQrZ September 18, 2019