The act of driving on a highway with an open 24 ounce tall boy of beer in your cup holder. You have to be drinking this beer while driving.

24 is Jeff Gordon's nascar number so riding with a 24 is riding jeffry
Driver: *Pounds a 24 oz tall boy of bud with a dale junior add on it*
Driver: No worries man, I'm ridin jeffry
*flips switch, car flies home over cops*

by SmackoBaby April 12, 2008
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A heavyweight boxer also known as the "boilermaker" who fought consistently from 1895 until 1904 beating such legends as Bob Fitzsimmons, Jim Corbett, Peter Jackson and Tom Sharkey and retired undefeated. He was like many at the time, a staunch racist, and when the legendary black champion Jack Johnson won the heavyweight title, he foolishly agreed to "put that N*gger in his place" despite the fact that at this point he was morbidly obese and retired over 6 years. After extensive training in fitness and sparring (and many more insults to Johnson), the bout was deemed the fight of the century, and the vast majority of white people bet on Jeffries despite the major fore-mentioned disadvantages. As expected, Jeffries lost in humiliating fashion while Johnson grinned and toyed with him for 15 rounds before knocking him out. Many white people were so butthurt they began killing random black people and even each other. Jeffries undefeated record was now destroyed, but he took the loss with humility and admitted he couldn't land a hit on Johnson and lost fair and square. He stayed retired afterwards, and remained a public figure until his death in 1953.
"James J. Jeffries was ruthless in the ring, but boy did he make a mistake fighting the Galveston Giant"
by Official Loser man April 13, 2022
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A crazy haired freak that sits isolated from the worl in order to hide his insecurities. He is unable to see when a girl likes him and just pretends to be straight in order to hide that he's secretly gay.
Girl 1: Damn you see him over there?
Girl 2: Yes, he's such an Andrew Jeffries
by TwattyMatt November 24, 2019
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someone who introduces themselves as epstein when meeting someone for the first time thinking it is a joke
"Yo he was such a matt jeffries last night i cant believe he introduced himself as Epstein again"
by drashtor April 21, 2022
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He is a very friendly and caring person. He will lend a hand for you if you need help . He is funny and can make the crowd laugh out loud. He is also charming and can make the girls wild.
Did you see that jeffri near the mall today?. He was so friendly to us.
by Md Jeffri November 28, 2019
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A very friendly and caring person. He looks fierce but he is very friendly and will lend you a hand if you need help.
He is charming and funny and can make the crowd laugh with his witty jokes.
Oh my god , did you see that jeffri in the town today? He was so friendly !
by Md Jeffri November 28, 2019
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