The act of unexpectedly getting screwed over by one of your close friends, loved ones or business associates. You know it's coming, but every time it happens you are still somehow surprised, you would not think someone that close would stick it to you again.

The person's name does not have be Jeffrey, it is the name of the person who created the act of being Jeffried

Synonym: being screwed over, fucked, hosed, swindled, scammed
When the bill came, I ended up paying $30 for a piece of cheesecake; Jeffried again!
by Everyday is Thursday April 16, 2021
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A man who can always be trusted and a man who is a lover not a fighter and can be the next star in Spain's soccer club F.C BARCELONA.
by neymar.jr11 March 10, 2015
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Jeffry is honestly one of the amazing and prettiest/handsome people ever!! I love him so much and he is so cute and omg i just want to kiss him honestly. He can sometimes be smart and stupid but he is so amazing. Amazing music and humor he is defiently the best person ever <3333
You: you are the best person to ever live and i love you so much and we were so made to be please date me

jeffry: yes.
by iluvyou2much April 29, 2022
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