Actually quite a good city. Has pretty much everything you need, and it's small enough to get to know your local chinese/chip shop guy. Plenty of things to do, and fun things too (gasp what a surprise). Don't believe what the other guy said about it, I've gotten far enough to afford broadband and a decent computer. And send my kids to private school. His definition is here Guilford. Really, you can't slag a place off if you can't spell it properly!
You wanna hit the clubs in Guildford?
Ahh, I went to the Guildford Spectrum the other day. Was good.
You know, Guildford is actually a city.
Zomg, that other guy spelt Guildford wrong.
by Charles Mann May 5, 2006
The English, and better way of spelling "Guilford". For some reason just because it has a silent d in it, the American's felt the need to take it out when they named that town near North Carolina... Anyway...
Guildford is a city near Woking, in England... People say Guildford is better, but Woking is now catching up.
Guildford has an impressive cathedral amongst other things, such as a good ice hockey team (or so they say), a fairly good college and just generally good shopping facilities.
It is also a good place to go "emo" spotting... At weekends, you will often find gangs of these so-called emos hanging around at certain places throughout the city. It is a wonderful place to waste time and is often a treat for the eyes! If you're into that sort of thing.
Vanessa: Let's go to Guildford and have a gander at the delectable emo boys...

Me: Ooh, okay!
by Dwergi May 10, 2006
Lovely Town (yes it's a town NOT a city, like number 1 suggests, twat.) with lots of ladies with lovely titties.
Man 1: Hey Man, where are you from?
Man 2: Hey there, i'm from Guildford.
Man 1: Oh I hear it's not actually a city but a town with loads of fit chicks with lovely titties?'
Man 2: 'true'
by Guildford Phil May 9, 2011
Unintentionally setting a release date for a game or piece of entertainment and then not being able to deliver on that date.

Common in developers in Guildford, England
Person 1: Hello games said No Mans Sky will come out in June!
Person 2: Nah they're just guildfording

Person 1: Hey Media Molecule said Dreams Beta will be 2016!
Person 2: Beta 2016? Nope thats just more guildfording.
by mabo521 May 21, 2017
A RACING EVENT (kind of informal), yet organised, held in Guildford by Halfords in Ladymead area. Flipping amazing stuff goin on down there, and around 200 modded cars, officially it is the first sunday of every month, but there's always gavvers there (coppers) and the aint puttin' up with no lusho Stoughton boy racer shit. Satrts at 8pm, goes on till around 10pm ish.
If you go down to the Guildford cruise today, you're sure of a big surprise.....
There's some nice modded cars there, and plenty of weed.
by sean PF September 30, 2006
A school which had a headmaster who dipped faster than the Italians did from the Axis
Guildford Grammar School, oh yeah, Stevman Weebdoh can shove a dildo up his arse
by lolgamers October 13, 2019
A living legend resident in the Surrey town of Guildford. She is often seen sitting on benches in a leopard print coat. She has long flowing white hair which matches her similarly long flowing white beard. She allegedly eats children but as of yet there is no solid evidence.
Tourist: Holy shit it's a woman with a beard!!
You: No thats the Guildford bearded lady you disrespectful fuck.
Tourist: Oh my god!! Where's my baby gone?!
by Vince September 27, 2004