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Actually quite a good city. Has pretty much everything you need, and it's small enough to get to know your local chinese/chip shop guy. Plenty of things to do, and fun things too (gasp what a surprise). Don't believe what the other guy said about it, I've gotten far enough to afford broadband and a decent computer. And send my kids to private school. His definition is here Guilford. Really, you can't slag a place off if you can't spell it properly!
You wanna hit the clubs in Guildford?
Ahh, I went to the Guildford Spectrum the other day. Was good.
You know, Guildford is actually a city.
Zomg, that other guy spelt Guildford wrong.
by Charles Mann May 05, 2006
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The English, and better way of spelling "Guilford". For some reason just because it has a silent d in it, the American's felt the need to take it out when they named that town near North Carolina... Anyway...
Guildford is a city near Woking, in England... People say Guildford is better, but Woking is now catching up.
Guildford has an impressive cathedral amongst other things, such as a good ice hockey team (or so they say), a fairly good college and just generally good shopping facilities.
It is also a good place to go "emo" spotting... At weekends, you will often find gangs of these so-called emos hanging around at certain places throughout the city. It is a wonderful place to waste time and is often a treat for the eyes! If you're into that sort of thing.
Vanessa: Let's go to Guildford and have a gander at the delectable emo boys...

Me: Ooh, okay!
by Dwergi May 10, 2006
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Lovely Town (yes it's a town NOT a city, like number 1 suggests, twat.) with lots of ladies with lovely titties.
Man 1: Hey Man, where are you from?
Man 2: Hey there, i'm from Guildford.
Man 1: Oh I hear it's not actually a city but a town with loads of fit chicks with lovely titties?'
Man 2: 'true'
by Guildford Phil May 09, 2011
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