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To be jeffried is to fall asleep usually in a public/awkward place and to have a friend/stranger snap a photo beside your sleeping self. Hilarity ensues but if the jeffrey is done properly, it will be stealth and you will have no idea until you log on to social media. Named after Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis, whom has the best and most creative jeffrey's ever!
I jeffried Mike last night when he fell asleep at the bar, what an old man!
by peeptoe December 18, 2013
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A term used to describe being overly intoxicated, usually having over consumed multiple inebriants. Getting 'Jeffried' has less to do over consumption of a given intoxicant and more to do with the number of intoxicants one has consumed.
Sorry about attacking you last night. I really shouldn't have taken those pills after drinking, smoking and doing coke all night. I was totally Jeffried.
by Sheik.Yerbouti October 26, 2010
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