Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo TV's "Flipping Out" is a pompous selfish nasty gay middle aged man. He almost always hires young attract gay eye candy for his pleasure, but is completely ok with firing them for any reason possible. He feels that he is ALWAYS right when it comes to his slave-like employees and clients who question him. His face, and most notably, his lips, are full of botox.. The only reason why his assistant, Jenni, has been working with him for over 10 years, is because she has succumbed to believe that Jeff Lewis is her master, and that she must obey. See: egotistical bastard.
Gay guy 1: OMG Felipe! I was watching Bravo today and saw Jeff Lewis firing one hot piece of ass. I think his name was Trace.

Gay guy 2: Felipe, my love, Jeff Lewis fired that guy for taking time out of work to create a design of a closet for himself. Jeff could've just warned him and let him stay. But no, to Jeff, every employee is as disposable as the condoms he uses to screw his other employees with.

Gay guy 1: Ooh snap! You went there.
by fiftyandnifty August 13, 2011
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A very specific photobomb where you pose sitting next to a sleeping person at an airport
"See that guy sleeping on the bench over there? Take my picture, I'm going to Jeff Lewis him"
by GoddessS May 25, 2013
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