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a crazy,funny,sexy girl who is not afraid to take charge and make changes. Honest to the bone. She is pretty much an all around amazing person with an incredibly likable personality. You gotta love her.
Do you know that girl Jeannine?
Yeah she's a great girl.
by J9stars August 12, 2014
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A girl you cant judge on her appearance who is always there for her close friends to do whatever she can to make them feel better, and seems to know how to make them smile every time.Might be hard to get along with at first but if you get to know her she is the best person in the world. Also known for being very beautiful but will never admit it.
I know this really amazing girl named Jeannine
by Intercepted February 02, 2009
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the sexiest, nicest, most beuatifal, most kind, sexiest, most wonderful, amazing, uber sexy, (did i mention sexxxy?) girl in the whole wide worldd; i couldn't llive without her and she completes me(:
jeannine is mine <3
by sexxxxxxybeast February 16, 2010
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lumpisourous, lumpichbeaver, pig thing rabbit, big tooth lump
micheal kels-o <3 i love you Jeannine!
Boy: Jeannine is cool.
Girl: I agree.
boy:...lets get some shoes.
by Aeliey November 05, 2008
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Jeannine is a funny girl. Comes in a French name. She cares about her friends even though she is very insecure and thinks her friends don’t care about her, she is always there and makes sure they don’t her insecurities. Overall she is a beauty and one of the most motivated person and will try to make a change to the world. Find a girl like jeannine
She is so funny, and sweet, she is jeannine
by Madison danish September 21, 2018
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