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A person, usually of French origin who is crazy, pervy and pretty hot. Usually though, they just ignore people and play video games or swim.
Person one: What did you do last night?
Jean-Marc: I was being boring and texting my girlfriend while playing Xbox.
by Blahgoogityshmuglydoo November 18, 2011
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1. A walking oxymoron. Loners at heart, Jean-Marcs don't require human contact unless they need to feed. The feeding ritual, which began in the 18th century and originally took place in the Catacombs of Paris, is traditionally held once a month. There are rumors suggesting an association between Jean-Marcs and lesbian werewolves however there are few facts to support the claim. Never make eye contact with a Jean-Marc.

2. A French man who enjoys cooking, smoking and playing Mahjong.
Don't look! He could be a Jean-Marc!
by Brian Ralph Johnson September 05, 2010
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The root of the name Jean-Marc in Aramaïc means "Young Prince by the water", "Of Noble Origin". The name Jean-Marc comes from the highest courts of royalty as "Jean" and "Marc" were thr first holy disciples of the church, meaning Jean-Marcs are the best examples of a dedication and righteousness. Some are more artistic than others but all have the purest intention
"We have to find this Jean-Marc, we have to keep looking for him"
"We have to keep calling this Jean-Marc, until he answers the phone, keep calling,
We know a Jean-Marc, he has to be around here somewhere"
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A guy who is in love with the japanese anime " death note ", his hand is his only lover, he does kali... Whatever that is. He lives in a cardboard box and uses dead cats as deodorant...jean-marc can be a synonym of the word "hobo" and also the word "assjuice"... Jean-marcs can be found in many places like under rocks, behind trees, in card board boxes, and also in caves.
When you see a man on the street with an underwear over his head and he is begging you to give him a cookie... That would be a jean-marc.
by Gebrayel October 23, 2011
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Some say this exotic creature bounds with glorious pride down the street, others say he commits necrophilia with dead animals.

If you torrent Jean-Marc you will be arrested for distribution of child pornography.
"Don't Jean-Marc me boy."g

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend."
by The Local Sanwich Maker June 13, 2016
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A boy who commits incest with his sister. French and creepy.
Jean-Marc: Hey, Celine, want to go in the closet and play a little "horsey?"
Celine: Yes, brother, of course!
by Celine<3IncestBoy December 17, 2011
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