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1. A walking oxymoron. Loners at heart, Jean-Marcs don't require human contact unless they need to feed. The feeding ritual, which began in the 18th century and originally took place in the Catacombs of Paris, is traditionally held once a month. There are rumors suggesting an association between Jean-Marcs and lesbian werewolves however there are few facts to support the claim. Never make eye contact with a Jean-Marc.

2. A French man who enjoys cooking, smoking and playing Mahjong.
Don't look! He could be a Jean-Marc!
by Brian Ralph Johnson September 05, 2010

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Sometimes referred to as Moses, Maxime is a man in his 40s of European descent, usually French or Belgian. Maximes are characterized by extreme generosity and sensitivity with an underestimated sense of self worth. They usually manifest a penchant for music and can often be found in the pits if Parisian venues.

Surprisingly, Maximes drive Porches despite reports of having normal penis sizes.

Loyal to a fault, Maximes are with you for life.
Liz: I’m too short to see the stage.

Amy: Don’t worry, Maxime’s got your back.
by Brian Ralph Johnson July 05, 2018

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