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a strang thing so much more powerful than you would have thought and very irrational.
i had jealousy when i looked at her with him.
by Twilight Book November 24, 2008
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The real or perceived threat of the loss of a valued relationship to a rival.
Maria's feelings of jealousy were making her see signs of an affair between her best friend and boyfriend that weren't actually happening.
by Andrew J F October 21, 2005
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Jealousy is just LOVE and HATE at the same time.
Tyrone: I love her, but i hate how much attention she gets frm these otha niggas
Daquan: Jus chill, jealousy isn't a good look
by Lexiyoloisthemottonigga December 05, 2011
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feeling insecure that you are going to lose someone who was never really yours to begin with because if he/she was yours then he/she would not even consider leaving you
I was jealous because I thought Jojo liked that girl more than me then I realized it didn't matter because if he didn't want to be with me, I didn't want to be with him.
by Megmegumi June 20, 2005
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jealousy doesnt mean that you dont trust someone. its just means that you care a lot. it means youre scared to lose someone or you feel like attention has been deawn away from you.
i was jealous of my ex boyfriends friend. he spent more time talking to her and telling her things than he did with me. i got scared i was going to lose him because maybe i didnt hold his interest anymore.

i staret dto chyll with this guy and we alwasy fooled aroudn and flirted. then my friend staret dto chyll with us and the attention was taken away from me to her.
by Ciara January 17, 2005
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the stupidest thing ever. all it does is show that u have no trust in whoever ur with
if ur jealous of ur best friend talking to ur boyfriend....advice? get over it and trust ur boyfriend and BFF coz shes the best and only ull ever have....sorry john< and cristina!!! i love u guys foever. and i trust u with everything i have.
by becky December 01, 2004
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