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A portmanteau of the names 'Jessica' and 'Tiffany', both American-born members from the popular k-pop group SNSD. Jessica is the cool, quiet and surprisingly quirky one while Tiffany is her lively, loud and friendly polar opposite; though both have a penchant for being unbelievably sexy and brain-blowingly cute at the same time.

Proof of the ship comes from the fact that Tiffany incorporates Jessica's name into the lyrics during live performances and is the only one who calls her "Jess" or "Jessi", Jessica kissed Tiffany on stage and calls her when she's drunk, they both went to high school together, have couple rings, sing duets, hold hands at every opportunity, spin while they hug, always say the other is extremely pretty, have admitted to having a love-hate relationship, go on secret shopping trips together and speak to each other in really. hot. english.
On a radio show;
Radio host: "Soulmates!"
Tiffany: "I know, we were meant to be."
Jessica: "Soulmates."

Shipper: "Dear God, JeTi is so real.
by procrastinatoress December 11, 2010
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A Couple Name/Pairing Name for the 2 american members of the kpop/korean group: SNSD/So Nyuh Shi Dae/So Nyeo Shi Dae/Girls Generation.
Je For Jessica. (Jung Soo Yeon)
Ti For Tiffany. (Hwang Mi Young)
JeTi is one of the most loved pairings in SNSD.
The favorite pairings in SNSD are usually JeTi or Yulsic. (Ace/Royal)
JeTi have done many duets before. They have an offical one called: Caramel Coffee/Talk To Me.
There are many good fanfics/smut out there about them too!
JeTi is so real! Please get married JeTi~!
by JeTi Lover October 17, 2010
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Two members from SNSD (A Korean band, also known as Girls' Generation) named Jessica and Tiffany has a pairing name called JeTi.
Basiclly The "Je" From Jessica combined with the "Ti" from Tiffany.
JeNy is another name but just with the "Ny" from the ending of Tiffany.
They do alot of lovey dovey stuff like holding hands to kissing and loving stares.
They even have couple rings!
They are one True, Real, Cute and Hot couple.
YulSic shippers who hate this pairing, please gtfo.
I love JeTi so much... It makes me question my sexuality.
by JeTi Lover 3 October 25, 2010
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It is a Big photocopier that photocopies really large things
can you photocopy this in your jeti?
by LALALALALALOVE May 02, 2008
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to have sex by giving or taking a penis to the ear
Dude, this hoe I was with asked me to jeti her.
by LH&AK June 29, 2010
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