Great Cheap beer found in the midwest, specifically Chicago.
by Todd Everboat November 2, 2006
One of the greatest beers ever brewed in the world. Pure, genuine, brewed by Heilmann's. Often associated with dirty thirty.
by ossil May 30, 2005
A temporary flu that is caused by excessive drinking of cheap beer (ie Old Style) all weekend long, resulting in an absence at the workplace, usually on Mondays.
Bob: Joe didn't show up for work this morning...
Billy: I think he has the Old Style Flu!
by NexxuSix August 22, 2011
Man, that guy was going Old School Style with his leg up like that.
by David S Pumpkins September 9, 2020
1. when you fuck a pregnant woman with a shotgun
2. when you're fucking a pregnant woman from behind and holding a shotgun to the back of her head
so i was fuckin this bitch old yeller style when the gun accidentally went off. shit was messy as fuck son. like some dawn of the dead shit.
by THIRTY PACK December 26, 2008
In order for a "hot carl" to be "old chicago style" it has to be done in a public bathroom.
my girlfriend likes to give me a hot carl-"old chicago style" every time we go out to eat at mc marios
by peter didlo May 11, 2006
Pulling your pants down to your ankles and resting both hands on your hips while urinating.
Even though I was in a big hurry to piss, I still did it eight year old boy style.
by Bird Dogg February 22, 2008