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darndale is the ghetto
simo is a dick licker, joe is a manwhore, pato done this, darndale is the place to be
by pato1556 November 04, 2007
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A kip in Dublin full of drug adicts and travelers and lots of shootings every 10 minutes movies have been made here including Cardboard Gangsters lots of young children 13-15 year olds live here and act hard to get the birds 😘

Junkie-story bro any yokes
Normal citizen - nah bro leave me alone ye fucking junkie

Junkie- or wha take a scrap off ye right now ye prick
Normal citizen - nah sorry pal don’t take scraps

Junkie - faggot

Normal citizen - prick
Darndale is a kip
via giphy
by Craigoc21 June 16, 2018
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