A man/teenager who can pull any hoe. He can make a girl wet just by looking at her and has a enormous penis.
Danm that guy last night must have been a Jaykob
by Namedefinitions.net March 03, 2019
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1. The proper spelling of the name "Jacob"
2. A loud interjection, able to be used anywhere in a sentence.
3. Jaykob Geoffery Bean
1. "JAYKOB!"
2. "Jaykob Bean!!"
3. "Jaykob...Jaykob Geoffery Bean"
by Arshuah November 11, 2004
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jaykob is a short acne faced boy. he normally has 6 girlfriends a year. girls don’t trust a jaykob.
by unicorn lover of the north March 07, 2020
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Tall motherfucker with glasses albino head ass boi. Who thinks he can body kids that are 5’5 in basketball but gets blocked and then snagged. Also misses dunks, layups and alley oops in 2k
by Albino gang June 28, 2019
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A nice man with a huge cock that can slay girls
wow I want to be a Jaykob
by Datman22 January 04, 2021
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