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What exactly is happening right now. What am I seeing exactly. Well it seems as though it's a back with legs. What? Well there is no ass at all, so there is only his back attached to legs that walk. So it's a walking back Seem as though that's what it is. A no ass with back and legs. Well what's the other side look like....a large protruding stomach as if he is pregnant. So, wait let me get this right....he has no ass only a back with legs and a pregnate stomach? Yep, what a sight to see. But, wait I'm not finnished have you seen the top? No, what is it? It's a mangled grill....huh? It is a bunch of teeth mangled and rotten black. Man I can not imagine what is below....I'm not sure either it was to small to see. I can only imagine how a woman would sleep with would be like riding a pregnant woman . Omg did you really go there. Yes, I did.
What is a geoffery?
The definition of Geoffrey is a pregnant back with legs and is really a woman with a mangled grill.
by Swingerboy99 July 21, 2019
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A tall, lanky, ugly, skinny, druggy crackhead. It's one thing to see him, it's another to see him open his mouth. Man oh man. Dude got beat with the ugly stick....twice. I cant figure out what is going on. No ass. Protruding he pregnant? Busted teeth. I mean busted. Not only busted, but rotten. Rotten,busted, ugly ass, no ass, skinny, lanky druggy. Sells drugs to make friends. Only reason anyone speaks to him is to buy drugs. What a pathetic way to live. What a pathetic way to look, I mean daaaamn.
A geoffery is a prime example of "crack kills".
by Swingerboy99 July 23, 2019
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Someone who told me he slipped her a roofy. Told him I wouldn't tell , but he got caught with my neighbors dog, a mask and a rubber chicken. ...I'm sure there was peanut butter involved. Probably rubbed it all over his pregnate stomach before he cracked his tooth on the dogs....yeah made a loud sound and slipped off the curb. Sounded like a goat giving birth to a rock. Who knows, but all I could see was his mangled rotten teeth and the crack pipe busted the window and shards cut her lip. Police came and he was arrested for kidnapping a goat and drugging the mailman who they thought was a swinger, but ended up being a transvestite on crack.
Crackhead " where's the crack?"
Geoffery " where's the girl"
Goat " it's in your mailbox with the child porn you traded for meth"

Word of advice never leave your keys with the drug dealer looking for girls to roofy. You might bleed to death in wind.
by Swingerboy99 July 23, 2019
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If you want meth, heroin, weed, pills, crack, cocaine and shitty cocain at that, then find a geoffery. Everyone knows that's the plug. Everyone knows where to find him. He can be spotted anywhere, even in a crowd. Just look for the lame loser at the bar with busted rotten teeth. That's the one. The ugly busted lame pathetic drug dealer. The one who got you day and night, just hit him up. Be careful if you got a borad, he might try and slip them a roofy to get some p@#$%. That's the only way he can. Speading all his STDs and Hep C. Watch out he swings both ways, watch his eyes check your junk as he crosses his legs and smiles with his mangled gril. Creepy peepy weepy....digs in the trash for used needles.
The definition of a geoffery is disease infested alien on a broccoli stick.
by Swingerboy99 July 23, 2019
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