A character out of the Japanese series Death Note. His real name, Lawliet ( Pronounced 'Low-light' ) Wasn't released until the last book of the series came out. Lawliet is a world famous detective who is known only as L. His life is dedicated to capturing the killer known as Kira.
Lawliet shows his face to no one.
by Pyriix December 24, 2006
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L Lawliet, aka L, aka Ryuzaki, etc etc. A weird, extremely intelligent, sweet-toothed, and possibly autistic character from Death Note, and is a detective aiming to capture 'Kira'. He is also one of the reasons why Death Note has been ruined by its fangirls.
Fangirl: ZOMG L Lawliet is hawt lol!! He iz mine!! These r my fav pictures of him *pulls out 1,536 screenshots* Isnt he just soooooo kawaii wen he smiles? ^_^
by theimaginaryduck July 02, 2010
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The hottest most talented man on the planet who is 100% gay for Light Yagami. Somehow doesn't have diabetes despite his massive sweet consumption.
Matsuda:Wow that man eats so many sweets how doesn't he have diabetes?
Mogi:I dunno, must be a Lawliet
by Silently judging December 28, 2018
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L Lawliet is the detective from Death Note. He is one of the most cutest and hottest guys you'll ever see. He is trying to find who Kira is by making some ilegal things (like spying, kidnapping, probably killing, etc.) but he's still the good guy.
L Lawliet is so awesome.
by PoisenFallen August 05, 2018
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L is a detective in the anime deathnote. He plays the roll of catching Kira and bringing him to justice. He doesn't show himself to anyone and is very reserved. L loves sweets. Wether it be cake, cookies, ice cream, pudding, or just straight up sugar. He has has bags under his eyes because He's an insomniac. He also has awful posture and sits in a squat. he does this to “ help his deduction skills “
L Lawliet is the worlds greatest detective, theres not a single case he cant crack.
by aiko kurashi November 29, 2020
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