1) To perform fellatio on a man silently while stroking his shaft. 2) To give a hand job while sucking the head of a penis without making any sound.
Hey man. I was at this party last night and Sara gave me a handy jay and silent bob in the bathroom.
by Network Pathogen July 26, 2015
me and my homie. we are the real life equivalent
Random guy: hey tom and daz. you two are so much like jay and silent bob. teach me how to be as cool as you
tom and daz: sorry its impossible
by tinytom December 12, 2006
Quite possibly the most awsome movie ever created...and all you little hater fags out ther can suck my 9 wood bitches.Kevin smith is a fucking hero and an example for all people who are not cenial cum dumpseter that have nothing better to do than rant about how bad you think a movie/comic is fuck you!!
...when the world ends those only as super smart as i will suvive...DAM YOU!!!
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back fucking rocks!!!...im so high right now ehehehe....
by j to the motha fucking m July 26, 2006
A movie where Jay and Silent Bob (or Jaycie/Jayla and Silent Roberta) get struck by an angel.
Script for Jay and Silent Bob Get struck-

Rufus/Rufina- You masturbate more than anybody.

Jay/Jaycie/Jayla- Yea, tell me something I don't know.

Rufus/Rufina- When you do it, you're thinking about fuckin midgets.

Jay/Jaycie/Jayla (to Silent Bob/Roberta)- Dude, not all the time.

At strip club-

Rufus/Rufina- What the fuck are you doing here?

Jay/Jaycie/Jayla- Trying to prove to this tubby bastard I ain't a pedophile.
by The Original Agahnim November 26, 2021