Jaycie, man, she’s just amazing. She’s so smart, funny, happy, and a really great person to be around. Jaycie is actually super pretty at almost any time so that’s also a bonus. Plus she’s a volleyball gorl so that’s pretty hot too. Any good guy will want a Jaycie as his girl.
“So who do you like?”
This one amazing girl named Jaycie”
by oneturtleboi October 21, 2018
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Jaycie mhmmmmm jaycie is a very special shy person.She can be really boring at times but can also make stuff fun and funny. When she laughs she you just laugh. She can be outgoing at times but will also be sexy as usual . So if your joe and you find a Jaycie you guys should totally marry each other because Jaycie is a loyal trustworthy person that will always keep you in there heart ❤️ Jaycie likes to be called baby so call her thatyou dumb hoes and if you don't treat your Jaycie you should die in a whole because she deserve all your all love . Jaycie is also just a unique special name that I that I would on anything . So like again if you ever find a Jaycie you better freaking take care of her because she's a one only so don't be stupid and loose her especially to someone who doesn't have as much love too her than you do and protect her the end
Jaycie is awesome
by Adams dhxkhshzhxbdhdj July 11, 2017
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Jaycie is a wonderful girl who will show you what true friendship is like. She may be quiet, but she laughs at everything, and will always cheer you up. Jaycie is a super athletic person, better at running more then anything, and will show you who is queen.
“Who is that perfect athletic girl over there?”

Oh that’s Jaycie”
by Blep the turtle May 24, 2018
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Jaycie is fun and loving and kind and sweet. She has an amazing smile and can easily become your friend. She can be shy, confident and you can never really tell what she’s feeling. She’s super cool and pretty and WOW!
Sameeha: “Wow she’s really pretty and kind. I hope I can be her friend”
Aoife: “Oh that’s Jaycie. Your lucky to have her as a friend
by Youranonymouspeep January 16, 2019
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She is a cute girl. She is typically blonde. She loves nature and is outgoing. One day she will be famous. She loves rodeos. She is very very LOUD. She can make your day in an instant. She is an awesome gymnast. When boys find her they need to treat her with respect. She loves her bffs
Friend#1 😭
Jaycie .. dont cry.....
by Potatoes for lifez12 March 20, 2018
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THICCCCC that girl is gorgous and sexy. She’s got a sexy laugh. And a beautiful smile, any guy lucky enough to have a Jaycie should hold her tight to her heart and never let go. She is usually blonde with blue eyes. She can light up a room. She’s got a great sense of style and even though she wears makeup, she’s not afraid to be who she is. Never break a Jaycies heart because if you do you will regret it. She’s a Pisces and even if she says she is fine. That’s not always true. So ask her about it and she will tell you. She is trustworthy and smart and beautiful and incredible and unique and sooooomich more. Love a Jaycie and never let her go.
Jaycie is THICCCCC

Jaycie is sexy. Look at how beautiful she is. I think I have a boner dude.

Jaycie is so hot. I wish I looked like her.
by Babygirl😍😍 January 13, 2019
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